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Here at Movement Park we believe in giving our tots the best start possible when it comes to being active and the fundamentals of movement. Therefore we have created 4 different tots sessions, all giving your little the one the opportunity to explore and learn, with the help of their parents and our coaches!

These 4 sessions are: Gym Tots, Parkour Tots, Wheelie Tots and Ninja Tots, with each week and each session having a different focus. 

Gym Tots: Gym Tots is all about varied movement, from climbing and jumping, to balancing and learning how to use our gym ladders, and hurdles. In addition to this, we may also work on hand-eye co-ordination, with activities such as throwing and catching, or using bats and balls. 

Parkour Tots: Parkour Tots is all about equipment! Whether that is climbing on things, or jumping off them, it is all about working on the right techniques not only for climbing, but also for jumping, falling and rolling too. 

Wheelie Tots: Wheelie Tots is all about wheels! We have balance bikes, pedal bikes, 3 wheeled scooters, 2 wheeled scooters, and skateboards ready and waiting! Not only this, we also have ramps and obstacles to build confidence and competence too. 

Ninja Tots: Ninja Tots is all about physical literacy and giving your little one the perfect start to an active life. Everything from falling and rolling to hopping and skipping. From pushing and pulling to throwing and catching.  

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