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  • How do I access sessions at Movement Park?
    We have a few different options for you, depending on what sports you would like to come to. We have our membership, which is £25 per person per month, for up to 3 sessions per week - including Parkour, Skateboarding, Ninja, and breakdancing…. Or if you are a tot – our tots sessions, Parkour Tots, Ninja Tots, Wheelie Tots and Gym Tots. We also have various sessions available to non-members, including BMXing! These are all under block bookings on our booking page.
  • I am new and would like to book in for a session, how do I do that?
    Great news! Please click “Join” to set up your membership, and then book in for sessions from there.
  • I am a member, but can't remember how to book
    No Problem! Please use the following link to book sessions:
  • I am stuck with booking sessions on the BookWhen system. Please can you help?
    Please see the help sheet below!
  • I need to cancel a booking, how do I do this?
    Please use the help sheet below for more information.
  • I cannot remember what sessions I've booked, is there a way to check?
    Yes there is! Not only will you get email reminders, you will also be able to check using the help sheet below!
  • How can I purchase Movement Park Merchandise?
    You can purchase through our website, or at Movement Park HQ. All purchases need collecting from Movement Park HQ, Clydeway House, 813 South Street, Glasgow, G14 0BX during opening hours.
  • Who are your Child Protection and Wellbeing Officers?
    At Movement Park we are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of all of our members at Movement Park. If you are worried about someone, whether a child, adult or member of our team at Movement Park, please speak up and let us know. Our designated Child Wellbeing and Protection Officers are: Chris Osborne 07932 790 066* *Please use these mobile numbers for Child Wellbeing and Protection purposes only. Additional numbers you can contact: Childline 0800 111 and NSPCC 0800 500 8000
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