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Movement park is a Glasgow-based charity, that first opening its doors in Whiteinch, Glasgow in

March 2017. We use sport and movement-based activities to enhance the lives of the local

community. Based in our converted warehouse, Movement Park is an innovative urban-sports

facility, with both indoor and outdoor space, providing opportunities for all ages to actively unleash

their potential.

MP Hall.jpg


Our core sports, as part of our membership are parkour, ninja, skateboarding, basketball and tots sessions (parkour tots, gym tots, wheelie tots and ninja tots).


Further to this, we also have additional sports / activities running at various points throughout the year, including BMXing, Roller-Skating, Dance, Home-Ed
sessions, and our holiday camps!


At Movement Park we are all about varied movement, especially for those pre 12's in their primary years. We have designed our pricing plan and activities that allows participation over a variety of movement style sessions. We encourage all participants to take part in something that is mat base like many of our Ninja sessions, something that is equipment based like Parkour and something that is wheel based like Skateboarding on a regular basis. By following this system, it helps to develop competence and confidence around movement, creating our very own Movement Park super movers! 

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