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Movement Park is a Glasgow charity that uses movement based activities and creative play to enhance the lives of the local community.

Movement Park is an innovative charity, delivering a wide range of movement based and creative activities that will provide a strong solid base for life-long active participation.

The purpose of the Movement Park programme is to develop varied movement, within an affordable system.

Our programme journey starts with our tots sessions and works all the way through to our adults sessions, allowing each individual time to develop at their own pace.


At Movement Park, we encourage two main things:

1) Participation as a family

2) Participating in an activity that is equipment based, one that is mat based and one that is wheel based.

By participating in these three different type of activities you will develop a variety of movement, building lots of confidence and competence to carry on doing physical activity in the long term.

See more about our system here:

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The Movement Park programme is designed to develop physical literacy in all of our participants. All of our sessions are designed to develop confidence and competence in a variety of movements, allowing appropriate time on each skill and task, developing the individual at their own speed.


"Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life." - The International Physical Literacy Association,

Physical activity is a lot more fun when we’re physically literate. If we want our children to be active for life, ideally they will need to develop physical literacy at a young age, during the early stages of Long-Term Athlete Development: Active Start, FUNdamentals, and Learn to Train. Movement Park offers parents, coaches and practitioners access to a wide range of sessions that can help over these four areas.


How is Physical Literacy Developed


Promoting Health & Excellence

To promote optimum health and quality of life, it is critical that all people, with or without diverse abilities, fully engage in physical activity. In light of documented declines in physical activity and increasing rates of obesity, depression, and related health issues both nationally and globally, Movement Park look to promote the well-being of everyone through physical activity and sport. Movement Park follow the Long Term Development model and believe our attitude to health will determine the quality of life we will live.

What is LTAD or LTPD at Movement Park?

Human development from birth to adulthood is a continuous process. To understand the process better, experts divide human development into distinct stages with specific characteristics; these are called stages of development.

In sport, experts have identified seven stages of development, each with its own physical, mental, emotional, and cognitive characteristics. This is our Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model, and it’s the basis for the optimal training and competition, kids need to enjoy sport the most and perform their best. At Movement Park we change the word athlete to people, Long Term People Development (LTPD).

Why do we need the LTAD model?

Because participation in recreational sport and physical activity has been declining and physical education programmes in schools are being marginalised.

Because the international performances of athletes have been declining in some sports.

Because other sports are having trouble identifying and developing the next generation of international athletes.

Because NOT matching skills and activities to a stage of development has serious, negative consequences, and the sports system have been suffering from them for some time.

To mention just a few of them:

• Children don’t have enough fun when engaging in physical activity;
• They develop bad habits because of the over-emphasis on winning;
• Their skill development is poor due to not spending enough time on task at each stage of development;

• They don’t reach their optimal performance level;
• Many burn out and drop out of sport way before the should, due to the lack of confidence.


Movement Park - Long-Term People Development (LTPD)

As people mature to adulthood, children and youth pass through a series of developmental stages that affect the development of their physical, mental, cognitive and emotional capacities they use to participate in physical activity and sport. This fact holds true for persons with and without diverse abilities, though the rate and extent of development may vary depending on the type of impairment. 

A brief overview of the seven main stages of LTPD is presented below. It shows the typical age ranges when individuals who are able-bodied pass through each stage. 


The first three stages, plus the Active for Life stage are intended for all individuals who participate in physical activity and represent the process for acquiring basic physical literacy and engaging in lifelong physical activity for health and enjoyment. The full seven stages represent a complete pathway for athletes who choose to pursue high performance sport.

At this time, Movement Park concentrate on the first three stages and will develop further as our members grow.

Main Stages of Development


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