Who's Who...?

Our next feature is our Head of Physical Literacy and Parkour... Calum Johnston!

Originally with a Theatre Arts background, from work with Scottish Youth Theatre, Calum has taken his hand to a number of different disciplines. This has allowed him to travel and teach extensively around Scotland, and the world. In 2012, shortly after becoming a member of the coaching team for Glasgow Parkour Coaching, he travelled to Perth, Australia to direct and teach Drama and Theatre. In addition, he travelled and taught Parkour in various places around Australia and Indonesia. Upon coming back he was accepted as a member of the Commonwealth Youth Circus that performed and taught with the Queens Baton Relay, as part of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games celebrations. Calum was then Assistant Director for 'Bounce' by Lou Brodie and again was on a Schools tour around Scotland. Now a Member of Parkour Scotland, Calum has spent the last year studying Parkour in Denmark at Gymnastikhøjskolen I Ollerup, where he further developed his teaching philosophy as well as his work with Physical Literacy and Movement Senses. Now back in Glasgow, and always looking for new ways to play, Calum is excited to develop his ability and explore new ways of teaching alongside the rest of Movement Park team.



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