need a break from exam prep, or you just want to try something different…?



Teen Club is on Friday nights from 7-9pm.  A different something each week from Parkour, or Streetdance, to Tricking and Judo….and much more. See our flyer at the end of this article for more.


And if you like that… Join Us!

£15 per month UNLIMITED -  as many sessions in as many different activities as you like each week. Check our timetable for more info
#BeAMember #MakeMovementMatter 


Put it this way - If you asked your parents to sign you up for Judo, Parkour, Ninja skills, Streetdance, Creative club, a Teen Club, Skateboarding and Tricking classes each week - they’re going to tell you they’re not made of money.  And that’s when you show them It’s less than a fiver in total a week for unlimited classes if you’re a member!

(And by the way…If you want to try a few as a non-member, come along and just pay £5 a session) 

We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to be active and we welcome all levels of fitness and ability. 

Get in touch for more info on 0141 434 0002.

Teen Club

Teenagaers - We've got you.