TAI Chi & qigong

Tai Chi & Qigong exercise is a gentle way to become more active. These routines help to improve posture and balance through slow, co-ordinated movements and help to reduce stress by promoting body awareness and relaxation. Often referred to as a moving meditation, Tai Chi & Qigong exercise is suitable for all fitness levels and can aid in general mobility and help alleviate stiffness whilst promoting flexibility and increasing muscle strength. 


Tai Chi - A sequence of slow, gentle continuous movements.

Qigong - A sequence of slow, gentle repetitive movements.

Suggested equipment
- Comfortable clothing                                                                                                  

Movement Park includes everyone, regardless of any ability or circumstance. Some sports and activities may, however, require a few adaptations to make them as accessible as possible. With a positive attitude and a little ingenuity, any activity can be made enjoyable for all. If your child has a disability, please ask our staff if our Tai Chi & Qigong activities are suitable for you or your child. 

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"You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside." 

~ Wayne Dyer ~