Judo Girls Rock

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Welcome to the award-winning JUDOGirlsRock Programme, Scotland’s first girl’s only Judo programme.

This year JudoGirlsRock sessions are at Movement Park and we would love it if you came along.

The vision of this programme is to create opportunities and encourage females to participate in the sport of Judo. By taking the needs of females into consideration, we aim to enhance the level of participation of girls in judo throughout Scotland.

The Judo Girls Rock programme is open to all girls. All sessions will be led by JudoScotland qualified coaches, youth leaders, and young volunteers. Each session will comprise of 60 minutes judo based activities and a half hour workshop on a topic such as Health and Wellbeing, Cooking and Healthy Snacks, Internet Safety, Team Building, Body Image & Bullying.



Wednesday - 5-6pm JudoGirlsRock P4+

Please book online.

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Suggested equipment

- Comfortable Clothing & Water


Movement Park includes everyone, regardless of any ability or circumstance. Some sports and activities may, however, require a few adaptations to make them as accessible as possible. With a positive attitude and a little ingenuity, any activity can be made enjoyable for all. If you or your child has a disability, please ask our staff if our Women's Wednesday activities are suitable for you or your child. 


“A woman has to live her life, or live to repent not having lived it.”
~ D.H. Lawrence ~