Scottish Parkour Gathering

Movement Park are hosting a special parkour gathering this Saturday 29 April
Where: Movement Park, 813 South Street, Glasgow, G14 0BX
When: Saturday 29 April 2017
Time: 12 - 7.30pm
Cost: Free (But donations welcome!!)

Interested in attending please call us on 0141 434 0002 or email


The Scottish Parkour Gathering is an event that gives the parkour communities from all over Scotland the opportunity to come and train together.


During the Jam there will be a few extra events running through-out the day. First event of the day is the Kendama Comp being ran by members of Sound Kendama, a Scottish Kendama group based in Glasgow. This Mini-Competition is a good opportunity for both new & experienced players to test their skills, as well as those who have never heard of this Old-School Japanese Toy to pick one up and slay for the first time.


The Second event is a workshop for those in the community who have an interest in video making. Making videos can be a good way to build up an awareness and share Parkour in your local community. It can also be a way of connecting other communities with yours by showing your local spots and training style. Johnstone Macpherson-Stewart director of 'Choose Parkour' and Calum Johnston from Bantar Productions will be putting on a short beginner workshop talking about a few key points for filming and editing movement. This will be taking place upstairs in Movement Parks classroom.


The last event on the programme will be a Community Challenge designed to build on the spirit of Parkour. This Jams Community Challenge theme is 'être fort pour être utile' (Being strong to be useful), a personal Moto of Georges Hebert and a strong principle of Parkour. Team-work based, problem solving games builds trust and camaraderie within the community and lets newer members experience the full community working together. Through large community challenges like these, we get to train an element of Parkour not so often trained in smaller groups. We will take the skills we have from training Parkour and use them in a slightly different way than we would in ordinary training. Its also a really good way to tie off what we hope will be a great community event. The specifics of this challenge will be announced on the day of the Jam.



Scottish Parkour Gathering