TOTS Sessions

The Movement Park Pre-School Days of Play programme allows you and your child to select sessions that are suitable for your child's learning. All sessions allow parents and children to explore various areas of play in a fun and engaging way.



PARKOUR TOTS: Tuesday - 10-12noon 

JUDO TOTS: Wednesday - 10-12noon 

NINJA TOTS: Friday - 10-12noon 

All sessions are £5 per child/ £3 for the second child. Please book in advance.

Please book online: 

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Babies and toddlers - early years

The changes that occur in our development during this life stage are truly extraordinary. This is a period of huge growth and development as we move from a newborn state of total dependence on our caregivers, through the exploratory toddler phase, towards beginning to become more independent.

The interaction of the environment and our genetic makeup shapes this process, and these early experiences form important pathways in our brain that future development builds upon. During these early years of life it is play, not scheduled instruction that contributes the most to our development.